Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut

Before I cut or lit it I noticed rich tobacco aromas from the cigar. The dry draw was perfect and tasted wonderful.

I am a big believer in giving every cigar a chance up front and this one earned it a little spice on the tongue with back flavors of holiday spice bread made me want to smoke faster, but I resisted.

All of the Johnny Tobacconaut line are figurados, which in my opinion gives you the widest spectrum of flavors in a cigar, and this does not disappoint.

Think of Gramma’s ginger bread cookies with lots of extra ginger, or maybe snickerdoodles with extra cinnamon, depending on your preference for ginger or cinnamon. It also smokes very smooth.

Within the next week I will publish another piece on the new Room 101 Big Chief Cool Arrow (snicker, ask a friend who speaks Spanish), this year’s replacement for the Tobacconaut. I am very interested to see how that works out.

Anyway, if you have been reading my Room 101 reviews lately, you won’t be surprised at the 95 I give it for total quality. Joe Bob says check it out!

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