Prince Hall Habano Robusto by David Blanco

This cigar has a reddish hue to its medium brown wrapper. The foot has aromas of mostly tobacco with perhaps a touch of vanilla. The perfect v-cut reveals a perfect draw. Today’s beverage is a glass of 19 Crimes Snoop Dog Cali Red 2019.

The initial flavor is mainly tobacco, definitely displaying the characteristics of the Habano wrapper with a touch of sweetness from the rosado aging. There are hints of vanilla in the smoke. The retrohale is medium bodied with a touch of white pepper. The burn is even with a light grey ash. The wine is not too sweet and seems like it will pair well.

During the initial third the ash is developing some gaps that suggest I take care to not drop it in my lap. The wine brings out a bit of tartness on the palate, lightly detectable through the mostly medium bodied smoke. Despite the gaps in the ash it seems to be fairly solid, though I choose to tap it at about 2/3”. The burn remains steady.

Many more experienced wine drinkers might turn away from a $10 bottle of blended wine with a rapper on the label, but I find it to be quite pleasing with medium bodied cigars.

During the second third the light hints of vanilla remain in the flavor profile. The white pepper notes in the retohale have increased some. The burn remains steady and the ash continues to have gaps that strongly suggest tapping off before it drops, although the tapped pieces remain solid in the ashtray.

Approaching the final inch the flavor profile remains steady. The combination of flavors is excellent and the construction is very good despite the gaps in the ash. The cigar burns even throughout the smoke. A very rich medium bodied stick, this one gets 9/10 for the overall experience. Joe Bob says check it out.

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