Casa Cuevas Edicion Limitada Mandarria Habano

This looks to be a very well crafted cigar. The smooth Habano wrapper stops about 1/2” from the foot, which has rich aromas of earth and fruit. The cap sports a nice pigtail. The cold draw is perfect. Also, this one has at least two years of humidor time. Today’s beverage is a Yuengling Black & Tan.

The initial flavors are medium bodied and earthy/sweet, only tasting the binder and filler. The ash is mottled grey and the burn is uneven, as you would expect from just binder.

In the first third, the flavor profile picks up a peppery note when the burn starts on the wrapper. The earthy and sweet tones remain, but are somewhat muted by the wrapper. The retohale is fairly smooth with just the right amount of pepper. The beer is a solid pairing with just a touch of bitterness. The ash is firm but a bit splayed from the binder foot. The burn is much more even once it reaches the wrapper.

During the second third the pepper in the flavor profile remains dominant. There are still earth and sweet notes, but mostly in the background. The retohale is also medium to full bodied with a solid dose of pepper. The burn is now diagonal and may need a touch up. The ash is less solid and continues to splay at the wrapper.

Approaching the final inch the burn self corrected and is very even now. The flavor profile remains pepper forward and the earlier complexity continues to fade. This is a pretty full bodied smoke.
Overall an above average cigar, although it became almost one dimensional after the pepper notes took over. The construction was good enough to correct the burn without a touch up. 8.7/10, Joe Bob says check it out.

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