Alec & Bradley Kintsugi

This is a very nice looking cigar with a medium brown wrapper. It has light fruit notes from the foot. The cold draw is perfect.

Initial flavors are light with earthy and light fruit notes. The ash is light grey and looks solid. The burn is even.

In the first third the predominant flavor is raisins with a bit of spice over an earthy base. The ash remains fairly solid but taps off easily. The burn is very even.

During the second third the cigar remains medium bodied with a steady flavor profile. The ash remains fairly solid and the burn remains steady.

Approaching the final inch the flavor profile remains mostly steady with a bit more spice, but the retohale remains smooth. The ash continues to be fairly solid. The burn goes a bit diagonal, but not overly so.

Overall a very good medium bodied cigar with interesting complexity and great construction. 9.4/10, Joe Bob says check it out.

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