Dissident Rant Robusto

This cigar has a toothy dark wrapper that has a couple of minor flaws, but overall looks appealing. Some sweet cocoa notes from the foot. A very clean vcut reveals a smooth draw with some sweetness in the tobacco flavor. Today’s beverage is a cold Shiner Candied Pecan Porter.

The initial draws are strong tobacco with lurking cocoa notes. The retrohale is smooth. The beer is subtly sweet, but overall a good Porter that matches the cigar well.

In the first third the smoke is thick and plentiful. The cocoa notes remain in the background with some lightly bitter notes that may be more from the Porter than the cigar. The ash is light grey and firm. I am rotating the cigar by quarters to assure an even burn.

During the second third the smoke remains pleasant, and as the beer fades on the palate the bitter notes drop off considerably. This is a full bodied cigar with excellent construction. The flavors are consistent, only varying between sips of beer. The ash remains solid. The retrohale remains smooth.

Approaching the last inch a bit of black pepper appears in the retrohale. The effects of rotating the cigar keeps the burn very even and is a technique I have picked up in the last few weeks. I highly recommend it.

This brand is rolled at the Oveda Negra factory, which assures, in my opinion, the quality of the construction. Ben Holt, the brand owner, has hit on an excellent blend. The consistency of flavors is also very good. 9.2/10, Joe Bob says check it out.

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