Padron 1964 series Toro

Beautiful box pressed cigar with just a few wrapper flaws . Otherwise the construction looks excellent. Light earthy tones from the foot; the cold draw is perfect.

The initial flavors are earthy with a nice toasted tobacco. The ash looks solid, but the burn begins uneven.

In the first third the flavor profile remains steady with a bit more of the filler adding strength. This is a very good medium to full bodied cigar. While the burn is less than optimal, the ash remains solid.

During the second third the spices flavor profile continue to strengthen without becoming overwhelming. The burn remains uneven but the ash remains solid.

I am pairing this cigar with a 19Crimes Snoop Cali Red. This may or may not mute some of the flavor profile. This cigar also pairs well with steak.

Approaching the final inch the retohale is very smooth. The spices in the flavor profile have muted a bit, leaving a very good medium bodied cigar. The burn has almost corrected itself and the ash remains firm.

Overall a very good experience. Padrons are famous for good cigars, and this is no exception. 9.6/10 (points off for uneven burn), Joe Bob says check it out.

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