Black Label Training Company Morphine 2021 Lancero

This cigar has a fairly rugged dark wrapper. The Morphine blend is released in limited quantities annually and every year’s is a bit different. There are cocoa notes in the foot. The cold draw is perfect. Today’s beverage is a 2020 Eclipse Barrel Aged Imperial Stout.

The initial flavors are full bodied. Toasty tobacco with an undercurrent of cocoa. The ale is pairing very good. The ash looks a bit messy and is beginning to split. The burn is perfect.

In the first third the flavor profile drops in strength to more of a medium to full bodied smoke. The retohale is very smooth. I tapped off the split but the ash remains flaky. The burn remains even. There are some cracks in the wrapper which are probably from my mishandling the stick during a humidor rearrangement.

During the second third I burned off a piece of split wrapper and the cigar is burning much better, very even. The flavor profile remains steady, with the cocoa notes increasing slightly. The retohale remains smooth with just a touch of black pepper.

During the second third the pepper notes have moved from the retohale to the flavor profile. The ash remains a little off, with another split beginning. The burn is running a little down one side.

Approaching the final inch the flavor profile remains excellent. The burn remains uneven, even rotating the cigar. The ash is more solid with almost no flakes.

Overall a very good flavor profile with a good complexity. The only issues I had were in the construction, which eventually stopped. 9.1/10, Joe Bob says check it out.

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