HVC Hot Cake Laguio #4 Maduro

Nice looking short robusto with a smooth wrapper. Cocoa notes are detected in the foot. The cold draw is perfect. This morning’s beverage is a French press of Twin Engine Cigar Blend Coffee.

The cigar is initially strong and spicy with medium to heavy black pepper in the retohale. There is some cocoa lurking under the full bodied tobacco notes. The burn is even and the ash looks fairly solid.

In the first third the retohale settles to smooth and medium bodied with much lighter pepper notes. The cocoa is not sweet, more like a good strong Belgian dark chocolate with just the right amount of bitterness. The flavor profile is earthy at its base and medium bodied. The ash remains solid and the burn remains even. The coffee is an excellent morning pairing.

During the second third the ash falls into the ashtray in a very solid chunk. The flavor profile remains steady. The smoke is not too thick, but is very pleasant. The burn remains steady.

Approaching the final inch cedar notes join the flavor profile. It is nice and complex. The ash has become a bit flaky, but the burn remains even. This is a very nice morning cigar for those who like more strength in their morning smoke. Double-clutching the draw gives the smoke more body. Again, the coffee is a perfect pairing.

Smoking to the nub, the cigar does not get overly hot The burn is a bit off at the end. 9.4/10, Joe Bob says check it out.

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