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PCA Government Affairs Team Expands

[Washington, DC, September 10, 2021] The Premium Cigar Association (PCA) announced today that Ryan Parada has officially joined PCA as the full-time manager of government affairs focusing on grassroots and political operations including Premium Cigar PAC, assisting both federal and state government affairs work. Parada worked as a contractor over the past year for the PCA.

“We are excited to continue to expand our government affairs team to reflect new challenges and priorities for the association. Ryan has shown his capabilities as a contractor, and everyone is enthusiastic about him joining the team full-time” said Joshua Habursky PCA Head of Government Affairs.

Before joining PCA, Ryan worked as a legal researcher and holds a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University in Government and a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and National Security Certificate from Rutgers University.

“By hiring Glynn Loope in April and now Ryan, the association is making investments into building back our key areas to prepare for the 2022 state legislative cycles and federal election cycle,” said PCA Executive Director Scott Pearce. “Advocacy is a top priority for the association as we fight to keep the industry on a path for sustained growth. With this government affairs team we are poised to truly take our advocacy program to a whole new level, which everyone in the industry should be very excited about,” Pearce said.

Ryan can be reached at

Santa Clara D8 Robusto

This is a mild looking cigar from the European market. It will be formally released in the US by Redland Cigar Company at a cut and light event On Fridsy, September 10. The cigar line is from the same factory in Costa Rica in the same factory that produces Atabey. They are touted as a “budget friendly” alternative. There are light sweet notes from the closed foot. The cold draw is slightly tight with light leather notes.

Initial flavors are light to medium bodied. There are some salty notes with the leather and light spices. The draw opens up very nicely. The ash is fairly solid and the burn is somewhat uneven to start.

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Drew Estate Announces “The Drew Estate Goodwill Act of 2021”

Drew Estate announces “The Drew Estate Goodwill Act of 2021” initiative designed to honor the spirit of the 2021 Barn Smoker Program and the DE25 Celebration by deploying a token of appreciation to those who purchased tickets to attend these events that were unfortunately canceled or postponed due to the rise of the COVID-19 Delta Variant.

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CASA 1910 premiers Brand, Mexican Puro at PCA

CASA 1910 had their first booth at PCA in July. They premiered their Mexican puro “Cuchillo Parado” with Mexican tequila samples.

The company name references the Mexican Revolution, which began in 1910, ended dictatorship and established a constitutional republic. The cigar name, Cuchillo Parado, is named after a town in the Mexican state of Chihuahua that is considered the cradle of the Mexican Revolution.

The brand’s office is in Mexico City where they are boxing up their boxes of 10 and 20 Robusto-shaped cigars for shipping in November.

The cigar is 3-year aged Mexican San Andres Negro Binder and San Andres wrapper with five-year aged Mexican San Andres Negro filler. The 5×50 will retail for $150 for their 10 count box.

PCA begins Fund the Fight for Premium Cigars & Pipe Tobacco

In an effort to fund the fight for premium tobacco rights, the Premium Cigar Association sent out the following:

Help us Raise $60,000 in 60 days for the Industry Defense Fund! The fight for premium cigars and pipe tobacco is raging! Help fund the fight so we can defend your business at the regional, state and federal levels TODAY! Contribute to the fight today by making a one-time or recurring contribution here and help us reach our goal of $60,000 in 60 days to protect your business!

We are facing an unprecedented challenge that is threatening the existence of premium tobacco businesses all over the US. It’s amazing that in the midst of the global pandemic and lockdowns, states are doubling down on their pursuit of misguided and harmful legislation! That is why we launched the PCA Industry Defense Fund —to help raise capital specifically for state advocacy and to defeat threatening legislation such as tax increases, local preemption, and outright bans. Now is the time for all of us to come together —manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, to ramp up our fight, build new partnerships, strengthen our grassroots voice, and take our industry advocacy to a new level! Help us fight for your business today!

See the following link: FUND THE FIGHT.

El Septimo Acquires LV-Wholesale in Las Vegas

In an effort to achieve its goal of building the largest distribution network of tobacco and tobacco-related accessory products in North America, El Septimo Geneva has purchased their first North American major distribution center

The center is located on 625 S. Bruce St. in Las Vegas. The center, renamed to 7 Global Distribution after it’s seven locations throughout the U.S., will sell over 2,000 different products.

El Septimo projects the revenue from its distribution center to reach $480 million for Phase 1 of its growth. El Septimo’s parent company is Younan Company, run by Chairman and CEO Zaya S. Younan.


Operation: Cigars For Warriors Announces Instagram Security Breach

The following press release was sent out by Cigars for Warriors today:

Ocala, FL –Operation: Cigars For Warriors

What Happened

On July 29th, 2021 members of CFW’s volunteer staff discovered that they were unable to access our Instagram account @cigarsforwarriors.

At that time, we learned that an unknown individual had compromised the account’s security and changed both the login information and account name (to s0sy4log). Since then we have received a number of contemporaneous reports that the account has been used to send unusual posts and messages to our followers.

What We Are Doing

We have made numerous efforts to contact Instagram Support to resolve the issue and will continue to work to restore the account. In the meantime, we will be creating a new CFW IG account @Official_Cigars_for_Warriors and migrating our content there.

In addition, we are reviewing the security posture for all our social media accounts to ensure they are protected. We are not aware of any other compromised accounts or services at this time.

We will continue to monitor and assess the situation and we may be able to share additional information as we learn more.

How You Can Help

If you receive unsolicited posts or messages from @cigarsforwarriors, please immediately report them to Instagram and indicate that the account was hacked. If you receive any posts or messages from @herusofc or s0sy4log regarding the CFW account, please report them as well.

Although the account itself has been compromised, our hashtags are not. Please do continue to use those.

Operation: Cigars for Warriors is a registered 501(c)3 charity operating nationwide whose mission is to provide premium cigars and cigar accessories to US troops serving in active combat zones. Since 2012, over 1.2 million cigars have been donated to US servicemen and women, in addition to coffee, magazines, cigar lighters and cutters.