Warped Guardian of the Farm Apollo (6×44)

The Lonsdale is one of my favorite parejos. Tonight’s selection is from Warped Cigars, one of the pre-eminent boutique cigar brands. This specimen has a beautiful medium brown wrapper with a couple of veins showing. The foot has aromas of fruit and honey. Tonight’s beverage is a 903 Java the Hutt rye/coffee stout. The cold draw is a bit tight.

Initially strong, the flavor profile has coffee notes with a cherry sweetness. The retohale is smooth with a light dusting of white pepper. The burn is mostly even. The coffee notes in the ale are medium and complement the coffee in the flavor profile. A very good pairing.
In the first third, the flavor profile continues to have coffee and cherry notes with a loamy base. The retohale loses some but not all of the pepper notes. The ash is mottled grey and fairly solid. The burn is diagonal, almost to the point of canoeing.

During the second third the burn is trying to self correct; there is no more canoeing, but it’s still diagonal. The flavor profile remains pleasantly complex, although the cherry notes have moved to the background. The retohale remains smooth with more muted pepper notes. The ash remains fairly solid.

Approaching the final inch the burn has returned to almost even, although it did go back to diagonal. The flavor profile remains steady. The ash is still fairly solid, but I am tapping it to avoid ashing myself. The retohale remains smooth with a light touch of pepper. The earlier burn issues might have been from the ligero rising to the side.

Overall a very good full bodied cigar. The complexity is excellent and the construction is good in spite of the burn issues. 9.2/10, Joe Bob says check it out.

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