Todos las Dias Wide Lonsdale Extra Fuerte by Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust

This cigar has a smooth silky wrapper. The foot smells like Bakers’ Chocolate. There’s a long tail that will favor a v-cut. The cold draw is perfect and also has notes of Bakers’ (the kind you’re mother kept that has no sugar or milk). Tonight’s beverage is a Busted Sandal El Robusto Porter.

The initial flavors are earthy and potent. The retrohale is very smooth. The cigar is burning very evenly. It is, as promised by Steve Saka, a very full bodied cigar.

In the first third I can see why Saka didn’t want this strong a blend for his new parejo. While I am enjoying every puff, I can see how it is more a niche cigar aimed at the very full bodied blend fan. I am getting coffee and cocoa notes in the flavor profile. The retrohale is actually very smooth with very little pepper. It is burning perfectly. The Porter Ale is a perfect match for the cigar.

During the second third the cigar becomes a true powerhouse. The flavor profile remains steady and the complexity of flavors remains excellent, but the strength increases noticeably. The burn remains perfect.

This cigar is a not for the faint of heart. The complexity of flavors remains excellent, and the construction is immaculate. But, like other cigars in the Todos las Dias line, the strength builds as you smoke the cigar. Approaching the final inch the strength is just shy of overpowering for me, and I like strong cigars. This cigar “wow”ed me. 97 with a warning, this cigar might well put you on your ass. Bravo to Steve Saka for releasing them.

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