Line of Duty FNG Robusto

This cigar has a very smooth dark wrapper. There are hints of cocoa from the foot. The cold draw is perfect. Tonight’s beverage is a Southern Star Winter Warmer ale.

The cigar starts out bold yet smooth. It has generous cocoa notes with a pleasant sweetness. The retrohale is very full of black pepper notes. The burn is very even.

At the first third, the cocoa remains predominant with hints of cedar adding to the flavor profile. The black pepper in the retrohale has abated a bit but is still present. The burn remains very even. The ale is a near perfect pairing.

During the second third notes of Black Cavendish (traditionally a pipe tobacco) add a very pleasing flavor to the profile. This may be a result of the spices in the ale. The cigar continues to burn very even.

In spite of all of the complexity the cocoa remains and is very pleasant. This is an excellent medium bodied cigar.

Approaching the final inch the complexity of flavors remains excellent. The construction of the cigar is also excellent.

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