Mi Quierda Firecracker

For those of you familiar with the 2 Guys Smoke Shop vitola, you’ll expect the short review.

This cigar looks and smells almost identical to the regular Mi Quirieda line except that it is -3.5” long with a 2” tail off of the cap.

Initial flavors are earthy and cedar with some of those cloying “Saka notes” we all love. The retrohale is lightly peppery and smooth. The burn is perfect.

The first third is excellent, if short. This is a very full bodied cigar. Some pepper appears in the main flavor profile and remains in the retrohale.

During the second third the flavors intensify in a very good way. It’s obvious that Steve specified the blend. And; good news everyone, 2 Guys has agreed to let Saka add this vitola to his regular line, just without the trademark “fuse.”

I am very happy that I got my hands on some of these before they sold out. Now if I could only get some Rsomething Csomething Firecrackers that sold out before I woke up the morning they were released. But enough about that, this is a Mi Quierda review.

During the second third some extra spice sneaks into the flavor profile. The flavors of the cigar are incredible. And it burns on evenly like a champ, with a solid ash that will not let go.

Approaching the final inch the ash finally let go. The flavor profile has expanded to include some oak notes. The burn remains perfect throughout. This is a perfect cigar when you have a short time to smoke and is even compatible with unbeatable temperatures.


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