Philips & King Slaughterhouse

This cigar has a smooth medium brown Habano wrapper with Nicaraguan filler. It’s a bundle cigar that meassures 7×50. The cold draw is a bit tight so I reamed it once. After the ream, the draw opens up nicely. The aromas from the foot are light earth and tobacco. Tonight’s beverage is a Bulleit Old Fashioned, which is not as sweet as most Old Fashions you get at a bar. 75 proof, so mostly Bourbon. Also using the Ciccar holder, which helps the burn stay even.

The initial flavors are earthy with a nice spice from the wrapper. The ash is mottled grey and the burn starts off even.

In the first third the flavor profile remains earthy with the wrapper spices around the edges. This is a solid medium bodied smoke. The ash looks like it will fall off soon so I will tap it to keep my lap clean. The burn remains even.

During the second third the flavor profile picks up some woody notes, somewhere between oak and cedar. The body of the smoke remains medium. The retohale is smooth. The smoke is thick and plentiful. The ash is splayed a bit on the end but is solid enough to hold on a light tap. The burn is running and may require a correction.

Approaching the final inch the wood notes are mostly oak. What I took for cedar was influenced by the drink. The ash remains fairly solid and the ash returns to even after a touch up although it goes off a bit towards the last third.

Overall a very pleasant every day kind of cigar, with a very friendly price point. It would probably pair better with a strong IPA or maybe a lighter Porter. The complexity is excellent for a “bargain” cigar, and the construction is decent. 8.5/10, Joe Bob says check it out.

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