Carolina Blue Habano

This is a very good looking cigar with a medium brown wrapper. Aromas from the foot and wrapper are nutty and earthy. The cold draw is perfect.

Initial flavors are earth and flint, although I think the flint is fading. The ash looks fairly solid and the burn is mostly even.

In the first third the flint is entirely gone, and a nice nutty flavor has picked up. The burn is running up one side and is causing a crack in the ash that will cause it to fall. A single tap on the ashtray knocks it all off.

During the second third the nutty flavor settles to a medium pecan along with the earthy base. The burn has begun to even out. The ash is a bit fragile but not flaky.

Approaching the final inch the flavor profile is steady. This is a very good medium bodied cigar. The retohale is very smooth. The ash has begun to flake a bit while the burn has returned to mostly even.

Overall a very good Habano wrapped cigar. The construction is good with just the burn issues and the consistency of the flavor profile is very good and steady. 9.2/10, Joe Bob says check it out.

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