Dissident Home 2021 release

This is a very good looking double wrapper (barberpole with dark and medium color components) cigar. The cold draw has light earthy flavors and is perfect.

The initial flavors are a nice blend of earth, coffee, and a light pecan sweetness on the top. The mottled grey ash looks solid and the burn is even.

In the first third the coffee notes come to the fore, mostly eliminating the sweetness. This is a mostly full bodied smoke. The ash is not quite solid but doesn’t drop off unexpectedly. The burn remains even.

During the second third the coffee notes settles a bit and the nutty sweetness returns. The ash remains fairly solid, only dropping when I set the cigar on the ashtray. The burn remains even.

Approaching the final inch some bitterness emerges, but purges out well, leaving the rich complexity. This would go very well with coffee. The ash remains fairly good and the burn remains steady.

Hopefully the new owners of Dissident will continue to make this cigar every year. The construction is great and the complexity is awesome. 9.7/10, Joe Bob says check it out.

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