The Landlord by Erez Maduro 4×60

This is a very good looking cigar with a smooth dark wrapper and a closed foot. The notes from the foot are muted, but reveal coffee elements. Tonight’s beverage is a 903 Saturday Night Special Salted Brownie Stout. The cold draw is perfect.

The initial notes are coffee and light cocoa over an earthy base. The smoke is medium to full bodied with a smooth retrohale. The burn is even and the ash looks great.

In the first third the cocoa notes sublimate and a light to medium black pepper emerges. The smoke is thick and tasty. The ash is light grey and mostly solid. The flavors from the ale, while very good, fade rather quickly and are not affecting the profile of the cigar.

Approaching the final inch, the flavor profile remains solid. The burn remains perfect and the ash is still solid.

Overall an excellent cigar. The complexity remains solid and the ash shows no sign of dropping; excellent construction. 9.7/10, I continue to be impressed by Yaniv Erez’ cigars. Joe Bob says check it out.

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