Dunbarton Mi Querida Black JR 50th anniversary

This is a very well constructed looking cigar with rich tobacco and coffee notes from the foot. The cold draw is perfect. Today’s beverage is a Goose Island Bourbon County Stout.

Initial flavors are kin to the Mi Querida Red, aka the Trici Taca, very bold and spicy. Early indications are a firm ash and an even burn.

In the first third, after the initial char, the cigar is medium bodied with earthy tones under the toasted tobacco notes. Very little spice remains. The flavors grow as I smoke. The retohale is smooth with just a hint of pepper. The ash is holding solid and the burn remains steady. On a side note, the smoke from the end of the cigar smells wonderful.

In the second third I am picking up some cocoa notes to complement the coffee notes that begin late in the first third; not a mocha flavor so much as coffee and dark chocolate. The retohale picks up a bit more pepper. The ash continues to hold steady, although it dropped in a solid chunk when I set the cigar on the ashtray, while the burn remains even. The bourbon barrel aging of the ale adds a touch of sweetness, although only after a sip. The finish is smooth tobacco pleasure.

This is definitely its own blend, related to the Mi Querida line mostly just in name. As with most Churchill cigars. I find that triple-clutching produces the maximum amount of smoke and flavor. As I progress through the cigar and the ale I notice more ale flavor in the smoke. This is not an ale for light beer drinkers.

Approaching the final inch I find the coffee notes overtaking the cocoa notes, but still having excellent complexity. Pepper note are now on the palate as well as in the retohale. The ash fell as I set it on the ashtray once again, and once again in a solid chunk. The burn is immaculate.

Overall a very good medium bodied cigar with excellent complexity and construction. These were a limited release, but if you can get some, they are excellent. 9.7/10, Joe Bob says check it out.

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