Dominican Big League Maduro Extra Viejo Double Prensado Robusto

This cigar has a dark, slightly oily wrapper. The foot has distinct aromas, including toasty tobacco and pepper notes. The cold draw is a little loose. Today’s beverage is a Thrill Nations Brewing Munich Style Dunkel.

The initial flavor profile is very rich aged tobacco with black pepper in the retohale. The ash is mottled grey and looks less than solid while the burn is even.

In the first third some wood char notes join the flavor profile. This is a very full bodied smoke. The ash seems more solid and the burn remains steady.

In the first third the char settles into a more oaken woody note over the full tobacco notes. The beer is medium bodied and smooth, making for a nice pairing. The ash dropped off into the ashtray when I set the cigar down, so it is not as solid as it appeared. The burn is a bit off of even, but not so much as to require a touch up.

During the second third the smoke is thick and remains full bodied. The flavor profile picks up a touch of anise in the finish. The retohale is still quite peppery. The ash is not flaking, but is somewhat fragile. The burn has come back to mostly even.

Approaching the final inch the burn is again somewhat uneven. The ash remains fragile enough to drop off when set down. The complexity of the second third has vanished, leaving the full bodied flavors.

Overall not a bad cigar, but only earns 8.8/10. Joe Bob says check it out.

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