Avo 30

Perfect wrapper, hints of nutmeg from the foot, perfect draw, looks like I’m going to enjoy this one.

Initial flavors are nutty and mildly sweet. The draw and burn are absolutely perfect. Mild pepper in the retrohale.

Nice medium to full flavor in the plentiful smoke. Some almond and cedar in the flavor profile. The pepper in the retrohale remains mild.

Like most Avo products this cigar smokes perfectly with a razor straight burn and a perfect draw. The ale is a great pairing as well.

In the first third there are very familiar Avo flavors, including some very flavorful woodiness. The retrohale remains very smooth with very light pepper.

During the second third the flavor profile remains true to the Avo profile. Medium-strong with lots of wood and some light spice. The burn and draw remain perfect.

During the second third the flavor profile remains excellent. This is a perfect example of an Avo cigar. If you’re a fan of Avo, this will hit every sweet spot you want. If you think Avo’s are good cigars, you won’t be disappointing .

Approaching the final inch the flavor profile becomes a bit creamy. The overall quality of this cigar and the perfect construction and complexity earn this one a 88.

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