Foundation Cigars Menelik Robusto

This cigar has a rustic dark wrapper with a light sweetness in the aromas from the foot. It is firmly box pressed. The cold draw is perfect. Tonight’s beverage is a 903 Brewers White Chocolate Mocha Stout.

The initial flavors are medium bodied and there is a solid black pepper note in the retohale. The ash is mottled grey and the burn is going uneven.

In the first third the ash begins to split, resulting in an uneven burn which follows the split. Tapping the split ash and turning the cigar 90 degrees seems to have stopped the split and the burn is correcting. The flavor profile has developed a bit of spice while the pepper has almost left the retohale. The burn is again uneven.

During the second third some small splits have appeared in the wrapper. The spices are concentrating mostly on the tip of the tongue. The flavors otherwise are smooth and medium bodied. Another split is beginning in the ash.

My previous experience with the Foundation brand makes me think that this may just be an unfortunate incident of getting a dud of what would otherwise be a very good cigar.

Approaching the final inch the flavor profile remains smooth, medium bodied and pleasantly complex. A bit of the pepper has returned in the retohale. The body of the cigar is excellent and the only problems I experienced were construction related.

This particular cigar can only rate 8.2/10. Joe Bob says check it out and I hope you have one with better construction. I will probably revisit this cigar and hopefully get a better result.

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