CAO Amazon Basin Anaconda

This is a very dark cigar with a long pigtail wrapped around it, and a cap was applied over the top bit of the tail. The aromas from the foot are earthy and rich. The cold draw is perfect. Tonight’s beverage is a Parade Ground Coffee Porter.

The initial flavor profile is medium bodied and earthy. The retohale is smooth with light pepper notes. The ash is mottled grey and looks solid. The burn is even.

In the first third the cigar produces thick, rich smoke. The flavor profile has picked up some oak notes. The retohale is also thick and rich with the pepper notes remaining light. The ash is starting to crack and the burn is running a little. The ale is a solid pairing.

During the second third the flavor profile remains medium bodied while picking up light pepper notes and a light sweetness. The pepper notes in the retohale have increased somewhat. The ash taps off solid. The burn remains uneven but fairly steady. Towards the end of the second third I removed the long tail from the wrapper, which left a small but manageable crack in the cap.

Approaching the final inch the burn evens out some and remains steady. The flavor profile remains medium bodied and rich. The retohale remains smooth and rich while losing some of the pepper notes. The ash flakes a bit but otherwise remains fairly solid.

Overall a good cigar with nice complexity, including a couple of flavor transitions. The construction is fairly solid with just a bit of an uneven burn. 8.5/10, Joe Bob says check it out.

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