Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust Stillwell Star Navy No. 1056

Yes, Steve, this is another PCA21 sample. I have the other two, but wanted to get the one with the most age. The aromas from the foot are very light and the cold draw is perfect. As with the rest of the Stillwell Star line, the filler is a mixture of long leaf and pipe tobaccos.

This is starting out very mild. Not being a mild pipe smoker, I can’t really judge the quality of the flavor profile at this point except to say that it’s medium and pleasant. Ash and burn are exactly what you would expect from a Saka cigar; excellent.

In the first third spicy “pipe notes” while the Nicaraguan “earthy” base follows, an unusual but pleasant complexity. The ash and burn remain very steady.

A word: my pipe tobaccos are much heavier with more flavor. The final score will probably reflect this.

During the second third the spices pick up a bit while the smooth earthy base remains. This is a good medium to full bodied smoke. The ash and burn remain perfect.

Approaching the final inch the Navy pipe tobaccos and the Nicaraguan wrapper/binder and its part of the filler have combined into a very good smoke. The ash and burn remain steady.

Overall, I would prefer the Bayou 32 blend from Stillwell, mainly because I prefer Perique in my pipe blend. However, this is a very pleasant cigar that would definitely please a Navy blend pipe tobacco smoker. Still, this has earned 9.2/10. Joe Bob says check it out.

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