Crowned Heads Juarez

This Robusto is a very dark and fragrant Sa Andreas wrapped Maduro. The wrapper is very smooth and the bunch is firm. Tonight’s beverage is a glass of Agavales Anejo tequila.

Initial flavors are sweetness with a touch of pepper. The retrohale has much more pepper and a bittersweet background. The draw is perfect and the burn is very even.

Agavales is pretty much a margarita mixer brand, but the Anjejo has a much better flavor profile of agave and caramel notes. It’s a pretty solid pairing with the San Andreas wrapper.

In the first third the sweetness backs down a bit from sugary to more of a molasses flavor and the pepper settles in retrohale. The flavor profile is mostly medium bodied. The ash is a bit fragile but the burn remains very even.

During the second third the cigar and tequila continue to pair well. The molasses of the cigar blends almost perfectly with the caramel of the tequila. The burn has become a bit uneven, although only slightly.

Approaching the final inch the pepper in the retrohale comes back to full. The flavor profile is very consistent. The burn is returning to even. Overall I would recommend both the cigar and the tequila.


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