Montecristo Epic 12 Toro

This cigar has a medium dark wrapper that only shows a couple of veins. It is smooth and slightly oily. The foot has light earthy notes. The cold draw is perfect.

Initially there is an oaken wood note over an earthy base in what looks to be a medium bodied cigar. The smoke is moderately thick. The burn starts clean.

In the first third the flavor profile develops a spicy/sweet element over the woody and earthy notes. The burn has gone diagonal as if the bunch might be uneven. The ash is light grey and mostly firm, although it does develop some cracks and falls easily into the ashtray.

During the second third the flavor profile remains mostly steady, with the spicy/sweet (almost cinnamon but not quite) over the wood and earth base. The retohale has a light white pepper note to it. Despite my evening methods the burn remains diagonal which seems to follow one of the veins in the wrapper and the ash is still tappable.
Approaching the final inch the flavor profile remains very good. The burn remains diagonal and the ash remains tappalle, although not flimsy.? The retohale remains steady.
Overall, this is a nice middle-of-the road cigar with a steady but pleasant flavor profile. The burn remains diagonal, which speaks to an uneven bunch. The ash remains fairly solid although it taps easily.

Approaching the final inch this is a good cigar. The construction is a bit off, like I said, indicating a less than perfect bunch. While as not as good as the Piloto or the AJ Fernandez blend, it s still a worthy cigar compared to the normal Montecristo. The construction of the wrapper and bunch are less than perfect while the complexity does not suffer. 8.5/10

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