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DC Cigars Cameroon Toro

This is a very good looking cigar construction wise, with the DC braided ring. The wrapper is a true Cameroon with a touch of green in the wrapper. It is pig-tailed with a shaggy foot. The draw is perfect. Tonight’s beverage is a cold Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

The initial flavor notes are sweet and grassy, with a grassy retrohale. There are no hints of paper that I usually experience with Ecuadoran grown Cameroon seed wrappers. The Ale tones down the sweetness a bit making for a nice pairing.

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Dissident Rant Robusto

This cigar has a toothy dark wrapper that has a couple of minor flaws, but overall looks appealing. Some sweet cocoa notes from the foot. A very clean vcut reveals a smooth draw with some sweetness in the tobacco flavor. Today’s beverage is a cold Shiner Candied Pecan Porter.

The initial draws are strong tobacco with lurking cocoa notes. The retrohale is smooth. The beer is subtly sweet, but overall a good Porter that matches the cigar well.

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Deep Boutique

Cigar Federation Color Project Tiger Kitty Sharp Claws with Herradura Double Barrell Reposado.

This cigar is part of Cigar Federation’s Color Project and is produced at the Oveja Negra factory in Esteli, home of Black Label Trading Company. It is a very smooth Robusto with a medium brown wrapper. The foot has a rich aroma with a figgy sweetness.

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