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Sans Pareil Lancero LE (purple band)

This cigar has a mostly smooth wrapper with some veins towards the head. The foot smells of light cocoa. Cutting with a Colibri deep V. Full disclosure, this was a gift and is definitely out of my price range. The cold draw is perfect.

The initial flavors are very full with hints of cocoa and fig. The burn started uneven but has already corrected itself. The retrohale is very smooth. The body of the cigar is a very pleasant medium to full. There is plentiful pleasant smoke.

In the first third the flavor profile is medium bodied with a rich tobacco flavor. So far I have not been able to detect any other flavors. The cigar is very good, just very one dimensional. The burn remains perfect.

During the second third a bit of earthiness joins the flavor profile. The smoke is very smooth, both on the palate and in the retrohale. A very pleasant cigar without much complexity, which I understand some people prefer.

Approaching the final inch some cedar notes join the flavor profile. Overall this is an excellent cigar, but I doubt I’ll smoke it again due to the price point.

cigar 86

Dunbarton Sobramesa Creme Brulee Robusto

This cigar has an utra-smooth wrapper. There are light vanilla notes in the foot. The cold draw is perfect. Cut with a Colibri Deep V.

Initially the cigar is very smooth but with light white pepper notes both on the palate and in the retrohale, creating a good complexity from the start. As the flavors settle in the pepper subsides and a creamy vanilla note comes to the fore. The burn is excellent.

In the first third the pepper stays far in the background, almost teasingly. For a lighter cigar, this one has plenty of body, as well as pleasingly thick and aromatic smoke. The burn remains perfect.

During the second third the flavor profile builds a bit. It suggests that this cigar would pair well with a good cognac. Anyone suggesting that this cigar too light is smoking it too fast. The burn remains perfect.

This is a great light to medium bodied cigar. Definitely the lightest in the Dunbarton line-up. But it is still a very satisfying smoke; perfect for those who like to start their day on the lighter side. The construction is immaculate and the complexity is very interesting. And the finish is very pleasant.

Approaching the final inch, the cigar remains excellent. From construction to flavor profile, I find little to no flaws in this cigar.98 tiff

Southern Draw Jacob’s Ladder Brimstone

Well constructed Figurado with a very smooth dark wrapper. The bunch is firm and the draw is perfect. Tonight’s beverage is a cold Topo Chico.

The initial flavors are very earthy with coffee and dark cocoa. The retrohale is surprisingly smooth. The burn is excellent.

In the first third the strength ramps up as the burn clears the hump. This is definitely a full bodied cigar and I’m glad I ate first. A cloying sweetness creeps into the flavor profile. The burn remains perfect.

During the second third a crack appears in the wrapper. The burn remains even across the split. Some cinnamon has joined the flavor profile, which remains otherwise consistent. The retrohale remains very smooth.

Approaching the final inch pepper joins the flavor profile, both on the palate and in the retrohale. This is definitely a must have for all fans of the Jacob’s Ladder line. The spiciness has been kicked up for an excellent flavor profile.