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Top cigars of 2022

This is a list of cigars that rated 94+ over 2022 (including one or two late-2021 releases that weren’t readily available until 2022). The list is alphabetical by company and there is no 1-25 or whatever. I personally recommend that you try any of these that you think would fit your palate preferences. If you think I “missed” or “omitted” anything, it’s only that they weren’t readily available at local shops. If I didn’t personally smoke it, I can’t rate it. Also, no Cubans are listed.

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Philips & King Slaughterhouse

This cigar has a smooth medium brown Habano wrapper with Nicaraguan filler. It’s a bundle cigar that meassures 7×50. The cold draw is a bit tight so I reamed it once. After the ream, the draw opens up nicely. The aromas from the foot are light earth and tobacco. Tonight’s beverage is a Bulleit Old Fashioned, which is not as sweet as most Old Fashions you get at a bar. 75 proof, so mostly Bourbon. Also using the Ciccar holder, which helps the burn stay even.

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