Atsinki Imaya Robusto


Charles Robinson of Tennessee was looking for a distributor for these @IPCPR2018 and was kind enough to give me this cigar to sample. It has a smooth Habano wrapper with smooth nutty aromas from the foot and the wrapper. The bunch is firm. The cold draw is perfect. Today’s beverage is a cold Topo Chico.

The initial flavors are mostly earthy and walnuts. The retrohale is mildly peppery. The draw remains perfect. The burn is perfect as well.In the first third the earthiness shifts to a more wooded flavor, more oak than cedar while the rest of the flavors remain consistent.

During the second third a bit of sweetness joins the flavor profile. The burn remains perfect. This is an excellently constructed cigar with a great complexity. The pepper in the retrohale has moderated and is very smooth. It is medium bodied cigar.

Approaching the final inch the flavor profile remains solid. The construction is also excellent. This one may be a bit hard to find; as far as I can tell they’re mostly in Tennessee, where they are headquartered.


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