Sans Pareil Lancero LE (purple band)

This cigar has a mostly smooth wrapper with some veins towards the head. The foot smells of light cocoa. Cutting with a Colibri deep V. Full disclosure, this was a gift and is definitely out of my price range. The cold draw is perfect.

The initial flavors are very full with hints of cocoa and fig. The burn started uneven but has already corrected itself. The retrohale is very smooth. The body of the cigar is a very pleasant medium to full. There is plentiful pleasant smoke.

In the first third the flavor profile is medium bodied with a rich tobacco flavor. So far I have not been able to detect any other flavors. The cigar is very good, just very one dimensional. The burn remains perfect.

During the second third a bit of earthiness joins the flavor profile. The smoke is very smooth, both on the palate and in the retrohale. A very pleasant cigar without much complexity, which I understand some people prefer.

Approaching the final inch some cedar notes join the flavor profile. Overall this is an excellent cigar, but I doubt I’ll smoke it again due to the price point.

cigar 86

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