A Deep Boutique

Cigar Federation Color Project Tiger Kitty Sharp Claws with Herradura Double Barrell Reposado.

This cigar is part of Cigar Federation’s Color Project and is produced at the Oveja Negra factory in Esteli, home of Black Label Trading Company. It is a very smooth Robusto with a medium brown wrapper. The foot has a rich aroma with a figgy sweetness.

There is definitely a fig flavor to the medium-to-strong very smooth smoke. The retrohale is also quite smooth with a touch of white pepper. The draw and burn are perfect.

The tequila is aged in bourbon and then sherry casks, giving it a sweet and fruity aroma and back flavor to complement the straightforward agave notes.

In the first third the smoke remains very smooth although the complexity of flavors is somewhat muted by the tequila lingering on the palate. On the second draw following the sip, the complexity of flavors returns. The retrohale remains very smooth with the touch of pepper. The construction of the cigar is excellent as the burn remains very even.

During the second third the complexity of flavors remains excellent. The sweetness in the increasingly strong smoke is providing a much better balance with the tequila. The retrohale remains excellent. The burn is staying very even.

Approaching the final inch the strength evens out with a nice rounded complexity. The smoke remains very smooth. This is my first shot at a “micro-boutique” cigar and I am impressed. The tequila also provides a very good pairing. 9.75/10, Joe Bob says check it out.

Note: these are only available from Cigar Federation.com.

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