Nat Sherman Metropolitan Habano Short Robusto

This cigar has a beautiful chocolate brown wrapper. The wrapper has a nutty aroma while the foot smells of cocoa. The bunch is firm. The cold draw is perfect. Tonight’s beverage is a Dos Equis Lager.

The initial flavors are nuts and cocoa. The smoke is very smooth from the beginning. The burn and draw are perfect. The ash is light grey and looks solid.

In the first third the burn developed a fairly bad run, so I corrected. We’ll see what happens. The cigar is burning in a cone, so it’s not a filler issue; it could be a wind problem since the big doors of the lounge are open and a storm just blew through. The flavors continue to be a nice blend of nuts and cocoa. The retrohale is very smooth.

During the second third the correction worked and the cigar is burning evenly. A bit of cedar has joined the flavors and is blending in well. The smoke is very smooth and the ash remained solid even though the correction.

Approaching the final inch the flavors remain the same. Still decently complex but didn’t develop much. Except for the one run, the construction is good. 83, Joe Bob says check it out.

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