Berger & Argenti Entubaur Belicoso

This cigar has a 1/4” Tubado of ligero sticking out of the foot of the cigar. According to the manufacturer it is to keep the ligero centered. The wrapper is a very smooth and silky dark color and the cold draw is perfect . Tonight’s beverage is a Shiner Bock.

Lighting was a bit tricky with the ligero tube, but was accomplished to reveal a very strong start with flavors of coffee and well aged tobacco. The burn is surprisingly even , and there is a light pepper flavor in the retrohale. The burn is remarkably even considering the tube of ligero sticking out of the foot.

Michael Argenti told me that he was an engineer and that’s what gave him the idea to roll the ligero first and then bundle the rest of the filler around it. So far it is working out very well. The body of the cigar is very smooth with tones of cocoa and coffee with a very nice earthy background. The burn is excellent.

In the first third the coffee and cocoa are predominant with a touch of oak woodiness. The retrohale is very smooth with just a bit of pepper. The burn remains perfect. I believe that the perfect burn is a direct result of the ligero being rolled down the center of the cigar.

This is a very good medium to full bodied cigar. The complexity of flavors remains excellent and is building with touches of cedar to complement the oak flavors. The pepper in the retrohale is very smooth. The burn remains perfect.

During the second third a touch of sweetness joins the flavor profile for a very solid complexity. The retrohale remains smooth with just the right amount of pepper. The burn continues to be very even.

Approaching the final inch a good amount of coffee joins the flavor profile. This is a very well constructed cigar with excellent complexity. To look at it it looks like a “trick” cigar with the ligero sticking out of the end, but it is a very good cigar with a great balance of flavors.

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