Leaf by Oscar Corojo Gordo

When you get a Leaf by Oscar cigar, the first thing you will notice is the packaging. Rather than settle for the traditional cellophane or even the paper wrappers (like those on OSOKs and Room 101 Big Chief Cool Arrow), they are bound up in a tobacco leaf. It’s kind of like unwrapping a gift.

After unwrapping, the cigar smells like a wonderful Corojo with lots of spices in the aroma. After cutting and lighting, the spices do not disappoint with a light bite of pepper on the tongue and a more complex spice profile on the retrohale.

The construction of the cigar is near immaculate with some slight veins in the wrapper but a very even and slow burn.

An undercurrent of coffee emerges at 1/3, adding a very nice touch to the flavor. A slight canoeing started but was easily corrected.

By the 2/3 point leather notes have become predominant, sublimating the spices and setting into a nice medium/strong profile that is very pleasant and produces plenty of smoke.

If you’re a fan of corojos, I would say this is a must try. I previously smoked the Lancero and both are outstanding cigars. 90 for this one; Joe Bob says check it out.

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