Master Blends Cuban Crown Pyramid

A smooth dark box press cigar with a couple of veins showing, a typical “maduro” aroma from the wrapper and mostly leather from the foot. A medium to firm bunch and a bit of a loose cold draw makes me think this may be a hot cigar; let’s see what happens.

Plentiful deep smoke on the initial draw produces leather and tobacco notes. A good clean burn from the start.

From looking at the clip, the ligero isn’t completely centered, but so far I think it should not cause a problem with the burn. Traces of coffee are coming out before the first third is done.

The ash is firm and light grey with no flaking. The burn remains even.

This cigar has the classic maduro profile, tobacco and leather with coffee and spice undertones. The construction is proving to be excellent with a consistent burn and draw.

At 1/3 the draw became a bit diagonal, but a quick touch up corrected it. The flavors remained constant; no surprises/one dimensional so far.

The fairly generous draw has produced a bit of heat, so I have to slow down to keep the cigar from getting too hot. The burn is returning to diagonal and may start canoeing, so I corrected again hoping for the best.

The conical coal is off to one side indicating that the ligero is definitely not centered. Still, after slowing down the smoke remains smooth and flavorful. The coffee and spices have retreated to leave a “normal” maduro profile.

The room notes are what you would expect from a maduro, pleasant and dark. The flavors continue to also be typical of a maduro with leather and tobacco being dominant. After the last correction the burn is staying even.

Keeping the cigar cool is requiring several small purges, but the flavor remains good. At 2/3 the flavor remains consistent; a good maduro.

Putting it down at one inch, the flavor remains consistent; not an overly complex cigar but still a good maduro. 75, Joe Bob says check it out.

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