Room 101 Chief Cool Arrow Ranflajo

 Smooth chocolate brown wrapper with some veins, very light aromas from the wrapper and foot, but it’s chilly out. Perfect bias cut and pre light draw. Pairing tonight with a Real Ale Benedictum sour.

The Chief line is a 2016 release, replacing the 2015 Johnny Tobacconaut. In fact, on the cigar’s paper wrapper you see a picture of the Chief with an astronaut (tobacconaut) head under one arm. In fact, I think I can detect traces of blood and tomohawk (just kidding).

Early flavors of nuts and cedar with a very creamy mouth feel. The beer is almost too sour, something I was not expecting from Real Ale, but I don’t think it will hurt the flavor of the cigar, which is burning fairly cleanly with a solid ash.

Some coffee notes begin to emerge nearing the initial third. Still very smooth and bountiful smoke. A very light white pepper note is coming out on the retrohale.

I was wrong about the beer; some sour notes are transferring to the cigar, so I am drinking it very slowly. At this point I would not recommend a sour ale with a cigar.

This is a medium body cigar with full flavors. A little more pepper is now noticeable alongside the rich tobacco and light nuttiness. The muted coffee notes also remain. At halfway the cigar is still smoking cool and smooth.

At 2/3, the smoke remains very flavorful and smooth. This is a very pleasant cigar. The pepper continues to build, but not unpleasantly so. The coffee notes remain muted as the tobacco gets richer and the nuts are all but gone.

Putting it down at one inch because of wrapper heat. This is a very good cigar with almost perfect burn and excellent construction. I give it a 90. Joe Bob says check it out.

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