Diamond Crown Black Diamond Radiant

A somewhat rustic dark wrapper that frankly just smells like tobacco, same with the foot. Good clip and generous cold draw. Tonight’s beer is a Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout.

Initial draw produces toasted tobacco notes and little else, although there is some sweetness on the lips. So far it’s a Casa Fuente with a fancy band.

About 1/2″ in it opens up and develops a much richer body, making me rethink my snarky Casa Fuente comment. Notes of leather and coffee emerge in very nice form. The burn is mostly even with a solid ash.

The beer adds nicely to the profile without overpowering it. Some pepper in the retrohale is also adding to the flavor. If you prefer coffee with your cigars, this would be a good choice.

Had to correct a fairly large canoeing at 1/3, but no other complaints at this point. Tapping the ash reveals that the ligero is not well centered, causing the burn issue.

There is now a definite sweetness to the smoke that is quite nice. The canoeing continues and examining the head of the cigar it looks like it will continue as the ligero seems to be mostly to the side.

A light and pleasant bitterness is emerging at about half; the cigar is quite complex. At 2/3 the canoeing has slowed, but the generous draw is causing the smoke to heat up. This cigar needs to be smoked a lot slower than most.

The flavor is splendid and complex once the cigar opens up, but the construction issues concern me, especially with a “super premium” such as this. The canoeing has settled approaching the last inch at least. Perhaps a punch cut would work better.

Put it down at about 3/4″ because of wrapper heat. A very flavorful cigar that deserves better construction, it earns 78. Joe Bob says check it out.

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