Espinosa TAA Murcialago Gold

With a medium box press and the tradition of the Murcialago heritage, I expect a great cigar. The wrapper is dark San Andreas and the binder and filler are Nicaraguan. From the foot I can smell the earth and oak common to Nicaraguan cigars, but I detect something more. The cool draw is perfect, also showing off its Nicaraguan pedigree. A Real Ale Black Quad Trappist-style ale that has excellent malty flavors with some coffee notes is tonight’s beverage. I think it will be a good pairing.

The initial flavor notes are Nicaraguan earth and oak. The mouthfeel also promises things to come. The draw, once lit, is almost effortless. The ash is mostly a beautiful off-white and the burn is perfect.

In the first third a mild sweetness begins to show. So far, this is a special version of the Murcialago; not as powerful as the black and silver, but with a broader blend of flavors. The ash is a beautiful light grew and quite solid while the burn is perfect. The coffee notes of the ale are again non-intrusive to the flavor profile of the cigar.

During the second third the smoke rounds out to a very full volume that sits well on the palate. The blend is amazingly flavorful, with a light sweetness at the draw point. The ash is still holding solid and the burn is very even.

The Murcialago Silver, while being a great cigar on its own, is just not as good, meaning you should seek out TAA releases, especially to compare to the original blends. A mid-cigar retrohale is very smooth with the lightest touch of white pepper. The ash is unmoving, although it drops solid chunks in the ashtray. The burn is exactly what enthusiasts seek.

Approaching the final inch, I am persuaded to call this the best Espinosa I have smoked, and I have smoked almost all of them. The complexity is almost sublime due to the excellent flavor profile. It is also a nice slow smoker, especially with its excellent construction. 9.8/10, Joe Bob says seek this one at a TAA dealer.

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