Operation: Cigars for Warriors announces donation of 14,000 cigars from Caldwell Cigar Co.

Ocala, FL – Operation: Cigars For Warriors recently received a massive donation of cigars to support its ongoing mission. “Caldwell Smokes for the Troops” 5-packs of cigars totaling 14,000 sticks were received at CFW’s distribution center operation.

Robert Caldwell, President of Caldwell cigars said: “We love both the effort and energy that Cigars For Warriors has every day. They fill such an important need in our industry. It is an organization that does good for the sake of doing good. This project has allowed us to participate in the good that they do. We hope that our troops enjoy these sticks as much as we do.”

Storm Boen, Chairman and CEO of Operation: Cigars for Warriors
said: “Operation: Cigars for Warriors has enjoyed a great relationship
with Robert and Caldwell Cigars for many years now. We’re truly
grateful for this extraordinary donation in support of our efforts to
bring comfort to deployed personnel.”

Operation: Cigars for Warriors is a registered 501(c)3 charity
operating nationwide whose mission is to provide premium cigars
and cigar accessories to US troops serving in active combat zones.
Since 2012, over 1.4 million cigars have been donated to US
servicemen and women, in addition to coffee, magazines, cigar
lighters and cutters.

Caldwell Cigar Co was created in 2013 with a very simple agenda: to
create special cigars using well aged rare tobaccos and to enjoy the
hell out of what we do. Caldwell participates in and supports a wide
variety of charitable initiatives, including but not limited to: Beach
Cleanups, Homeless Hunger Outreach and Inner-City Education and
of course, Operation: Cigars for Warriors.

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