Rabbitair A3 Air Purifier

In advance of PCA2022, we were approached by Rabbitair about evaluating one of their air purifiers. They sent us one and put it in a friend’s indoor smoking room. Here are our thoughts.

The Rabbitair A3 is a wonder!  We installed a single unit in our small private lounge of 220 sq ft. The app is easy to use and has several options that are sure to meet all your air purifying needs. Whether it’s running continuously on auto mode or set for just a few hours our lounge has never smelled as fresh. You can literally watch the smoke as it is pulled out of the air and into the unit. If you are looking for air purifiers for your lounge, I highly recommend this one. 

Just a few things to note on installation. The unit MUST be level or it will not turn on. You must also install and set up the app before trying to turn it on. The buttons on the unit do nothing without the app.  The price of the unit is $750, and the replacement filter sets start at $150 (although you can use their subscription plan and save some). The filters should last close to two years. We were spending over $200 a year on filters for a unit that was much louder that didn’t  work at all removing the smoke before trying the Rabbitair.

A local lounge uses 2 Rabbitair units in their ~500 sq.ft. lounge, and in my visits, even when the lounge is full it never gets very smoky.

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