Ozgener Bosphorus 4 x 50

The Ozgener Family, founders of the CAO brand, are back in the cigar business, working alongside Crowned Heads. This is a good looking short robusto with a medium dark wrapper and a soft box press. The cold draw is perfect. Tonight’s beverage is a 903 Brewers Dice Goblin Imperial Cream Stout Ale. the wrapper is a dark sumatran and the fillers are Nicaraguan.

The initial flavor profile notes are earthy with cedar undertones. The ale is a bit too sweet, but not enough to ruin the cigar. The ash is mottled grey and solid. The burn is even.

On a side note, this is a pretty short cigar for how much band is present. I’m going to have to peel off before the end of the first third. Fortunately it peeled off with no damage to the wrapper.

In the first third the earth base and cedar notes continue with yeast-roll flavors sneaking in from the side. A trace of spice also appears, and I think it will grow. The ash remains solid and the burn remains even.

During the second third, I am drinking the beer sparingly to avoid missing tobacco flavors on the palate. The spice notes remain subtle, even in the retrohale. Ash and burn remain good.

The Ale is Butter Cream and Whipped Cream flavored, and I was a bit leery, but it is actually working. The cigar flavors are pushing through the sweetness.

Approaching the final third the ash is splaying on the end but still not dropping off. The flavor profile is rounding out nicely. This is a medium bodied cigar. The ash and burn speak well for the construction. The spice never develops past a light white pepper note.

Overall a very satisfying short smoke with good complexity. I would recommend a lighter/less flavored beverage.

This one earns 9.4/10 points for being very smooth and consistent. Joe Bob says check it out.

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