Cayman Cigar Sovereign #3

The Cayman Cigar Company is unique in that the net profit of the company goes to charitable causes. This is a Corona parejo with a medium dark wrapper that is a bit rustic but shows an light oily character. The cold draw is perfect.

The initial flavors are oak and a touch of sweetness. The smoke is a solid medium body. The ash looks like it might be solid and the burn is perfect.

In the first third there is a definite rum note in the flavor profile which also includes some oak notes. The smoke is well rounded and the retrohale has a slight spice note in the overall smoothness. The ash is holding steady and the burn is very even.

During the second third the rum notes sublimate with a pleasant earthy flavor taking its place. There is also a slight mustiness that complements the profile. The smoke remains full and almost chewy. The ash remains solid and the burn remains even.

Approaching the final inch the flavor profile has settled to a mostly earthy note with a hint of spice around the edges. The ash fell into my lap just past the 2/3 point, but still seems mostly firm. The burn is almost surgically even.

This is a very pleasant cigar. Overall this it has very few flaws. The construction, based on the ash and burn, is very good. The complexity of the flavor profile is also very good, tending to the earthy side while the oak undertones are steady. Not being familiar with this brand, this is almost a “blind” review; this cigar has earned a 9.2/10. Worth the time. Joe Bob says check it out.

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