Casa 1910 – Where we have been

On April 26th at the emblematic restaurant La Única in Polanco, Mexico City, we had a pairing with Chivas Regal whisky, where we enjoyed a four-course dinner paired with Chivas Regal extra (Tequila barrel), 18 years aged, Ultis, and to finish with Chivas 25 years and our famous Cuchillo Parado cigar.

Among the attendees were celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs in the spirits industry, Chivas Regal Mexico ambassador Alex Millán and our Master Blender Manolo Santiago. Undoubtedly a night to remember.

At the beginning of the month, we had presence at one of the most nationally recognized competitions in the world of classic automobiles, the “Concurso de Elegancia”, where the most exquisite collectors of antique cars exhibit their best work in restoration, maintenance and mechanics.

For two days, classic car enthusiasts were able to experience the collections of American and European cars up close, along with an excellent gastronomic atmosphere. 

Our first guests in a our talk show was one of the top-ranked Podcasts in the industry; this was presented as an Instagram Live about what they thought of our cigar Cuchillo Parado.

The renowned Wine Sommelier Grecia Guerrero delighted us with a wonderful interview about her experiences and opinions about the tobacco business in Mexico.

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