CULT Blood Moon Rising perfecto

All Esteli Nicaraguan tobacco in a compact perfecto.

Very attractive dark wrapper. Very tight pre-light draw (perhaps should have cut it higher on the end).

A very tight draw that opened up past the foot taper. Good medium to full flavors. The burn became uneven after the foot opened up, but was fixable with minor corrections with the lighter.

Medium grey but very solid ash as the cigar burned, and the burned opened up nicely after the foot burn passed.

Paired well with a Porter.

Pleasant flavor if a bit one dimensional, and got hot rather quickly.

Draw tightened up again as the cigar began to taper towards the head, and the smoke began to heat up as the draw tightened.

At about 1/4 the smoke and the cigar got a bit too hot to handle so I had to put it down.

Still, an overall pleasant, if short, cigar that I would give a solid 3/5 on the CW scale. Expect more and better from Crux in the future.

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