Gurkha Wicked Indie Toro

It’s not often that I smoke a cigar that deserves a right panning, but I had one today. And it was disappointing since this cigar came recommended as a good, low to medium price point stick.

Wrapper was pretty veiny, bunch was mushy (it also didn’t clip well) and the pre-light draw was loose. Aromas from the wrapper and the foot were fairly fragrant so I lit it anyway.

In a word, yuck. Bitter, sour and very little flavor beyond that. It also ran badly and resisted my attempts to correct the burn.

At about 1/2 I decided to give the cigar a strong purge. Afterwards the flavors settled a bit and I was able to pick up some ginger, wood and leather tones, but it was still burning very hot and running at a 45 degree angle.

Maybe I got a bad one, but I doubt I’ll give this one another chance. 1.5/5. Joe Bob says skip this one.

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