262 Paradigm

This robusto had a slightly veiny medium-brown wrapper. Pre-light aroma was a bit mild. Inspecting the foot revealed no signs of ligero in the blend. Pre-light draw was smooth with hints of flavors. Overall, construction is very good. Cut nice and clean with my Palio.

Lit easily, burned clean throughout. Never had to relight.

Started off as a woody, mostly mild cigar with a pleasant blend of flavors. Soon burned to a more medium bodied cigar as flavors built. Again, mostly woody, with some trace flavors in the background.

Draw remained very smooth and pleasant past 3/4 of the cigar and only became hot in the last inch.

Overall impression: a Nice mild to medium bodied cigar that builds to a full-medium as the cigar burns. Again, mostly woody flavors, but not really one-dimensional as there were many hints in the background. A little light for my personal taste, but still a solid 3+-to-4 rating. Joe Bob says check it out!

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