ST Cigars Unlimited Mardi Gras Lancero

Designed to go with a single malt, this cigar still paired nicely with a Porter.

Clean cut, even pre-light draw.

Mild-to medium flavors, medium grey ash that was a bit loose, but with a clean burn throughout.

Draw slowed as cigar progressed, as one would expect from most lanceros, went out about half way down and continued to have some burn problems throughout.

Primarily a one-dimensional cigar, but with nice flavor notes throughout. Not the best pairing with a porter beer, went better with rum.

Overall a very nice smoke for the mild-to-mid smoker and I would give it a solid 3-1/2 of 5 on the cigar weekly scale.

Probably would have been better with the aforementioned single-malt than the porter I was drinking that night.

Still, a solid cigar. Joe Bob says check it out.

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