Clipping your tapered-head cigar

Tapered cigars (perfectos, torpedos, pyramids, salomoes, etc) are quite popular, and, in my opinion, should be cut slightly differently from round vitolas.

First and foremost, you need to use a quality cutter. I am partial to the Palio, but also own and use Xicar. Both feature very sharp blades that do not dull quickly and carry a warranty.

For your perfecto, I recommend cutting off approximately 1/2″ at an angle not to exceed 30 degrees. The angle opens up more surface for your draw and will gum up less than a straight cut.

I also do not recommend re-clipping. If your cigar does begin to gum up at the tip, re-clipping might be your only option (and, in my opinion, means that you did not clip enough initially). The main problem I see with re-clipping is the potential damage to the wrapper leaf. Even with a high-quality cutter, the wrapper is now moister than when you first cut it, which can cause an uneven clip and even a tear.

Many of my favorite cigars are tapered at the end, and I am very pleased with the results of clipping at an angle.

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