Cigar/beer pairings

That I know of, there are now three (Drew Estate Smoking Monk, Quesada and Perdomo Craft Series) lines of cigars specially blended to enjoy with a fine cigar.

Here’s my opinions on what to drink when you’re smoking.

Connecticut wrapper: pick a fine lager or pilsner (no Bud or Miller please).
Sungrown: A very good IPA (or double IPA or Triple IPA [Stone RuinTen is my personal favorite for a good sungrown]).
Rosado: A good brown ale, but not too strong. Arrogant Bastard, for example, will overpower the cigar
Maduro/Oscuro: There are a plethora of wonderful Porters and Stouts (a really good coffee or chocolate stout go especially well with a nice strong maduro).

If you, like me, are an aficionado of both fine cigars and fine craft beers, feel free to chime in on your favorite pairings.

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