IPCPR Leaf by Oscar Corojo Lancero

The first thing you notice about this non cellophane wrapped cigar is how absolutely rough it looks. Then you remove the band and realize that is it wrapped in a whole tobacco leaf (which I intend to add to my pipe tobacco). What awaits insinde is a beautifully smooth and lightly oily wrapper with a wonderfully light aroma which matches the aroma of the foot. The pigtail cap clips easily and produces a perfect draw with light sweet tobacco and leather notes.

The first puffs belie the light prelight aromas with a large volume of very flavorful smoke. The flavor is at once creamy with earthy notes of leather and tobacco with a nice amount of pepper. The burn is a bit uneven but corrects easily.

This is a very good cigar and I have to remind myself to smoke it slowly so it won’t heat up too quickly. The medium grey ash holds to one inch before falling.

The flavor develops a light almond note at one third, adding to the pleasant taste. The pepper notes also increase a bit. It is more cayenne than black pepper. The medium to full body is more than one might expect from a Honduran puro.

The cigar is pairing very nicely with my Fat Tire Fat Pale Ale. The smoke is staying nice and cool past half way. At one third it required another small touch up. The sweetness picks up as the pepper lessens a bit.

Heat only becomes an issue at the one inch mark.

This is a deliciously complex and fairly unique cigar. I give it a solid 90. Joe Bob says Check it out.

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