Perdomo Champagne Sungrown

While many of you are familiar with the Perdomo Champagne series, this is my first impression of the Sungrown. Many thanks to Nick for his generosity in providing us with samples to review.

The immaculate wrapper and the foot provide exquisite aromas of spice and well aged tobacco. An almost flawless clip yields a perfect cold draw with light spices. As with most sungrowns I am pairing the cigar with an IPA, Stone’s Ruin Ten triple IPA to be exact.

The aroma from toasting the foot is heavenly, promising great things to come. The initial draw does not disappoint. Light spices with full tobacco notes deliver as promised.

Great volumes of smoke are produced even in the early draws. A sip of the IPA serves to enhance the rich flavors of the smoke. The ash is medium grey and firm.

The spiciness of the sungrown wrapper is enhanced by the smooth character of the filler, which adds creamy tobacco and light champagne notes for a perfect mixture. This is without a doubt one of Nick’s finest offerings.

The burn gets slightly uneven in spots, but self corrects with no touch ups.

The complexity of this cigar alone places it in one of my all-time favorites. A solid 99. Joe Bob says check it out!

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